Academic Year 2022-23 Review

Over the course of the past academic year, the ACIR held a number of meetings, including its annual open meeting in December 2022. The annual open meeting provides an opportunity for the members of the Yale community to express concerns or raise questions related to the ethical investment of Yale’s Endowment.

Following the adoption of the Fossil Fuel Investment Principles by the Yale Board of Trustees in April 2021, the ACIR was tasked with implementing the Principles. The Committee submitted recommendations to the CCIR that coal producers and certain oil & gas companies no longer be eligible for investment by the Endowment which the CCIR approved. The ACIR is involved in ongoing monitoring of the list and periodically recommends changes based on the Principles. See here.   

The ACIR continued to monitor Yale’s Sudan divestment list.

At the request of students who presented during the academic year, the ACIR has begun to study various aspects of the university’s assault weapon retailer divestment policy.

The Committee continued to review and vote on the University’s social responsibility proxies in accordance with the University’s ethical investment policies, including the guidelines set forth in John Simon’s The Ethical Investor.